NT-434 ( Coming Soon )


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NT-434 ( Coming Soon )

The first Aluminum Neck-Through Bass design by Alef Guitars.

A combination of two materials, we bring the modern take of the time proofed classics.

The bridge, strings and pickups are mounted on a solid Aluminum block, running from the bridge to the headstock.

The Aluminum assembly is snugly top mounted on a resonant wooden body.

The unique design and Neckthrough to body joint enables a full and comfortable access to the high frets.

Using the best materials and hardware, we had the three P's in mind while designing this bass.

Punch, Playability and Precision.

This lean and mean rock machine will cut through the mix and will turn heads on any given day.

Weight and Neck dive.

We all love those 1970’s Aluminum Basses but caring a 12lb/6kg during a two hours set is no joke!

The NT-434 weight is Approx  4.5kg with the standard Poplar/Alder wood bodies.

We worked very hard to reach this weight point which is slightly heavier than a typical solid body electric bass.

The Upper long horn takes care of any neck dive issues, you’ll feel right at home when this monster is strapped on you.

Pickups and electronics.

The advantage of ordering from a high-end small company is customization. Each instrument is tailored for your needs with extra care and love.

Almost any pickups & electronics configuration is possible, talk to us and we’ll make it happen.

Color Schemes and finish.

The neck can be polished, Satin or any combination of both.

Solid/Opaque body colors are Satin only. We will not do Gloss on the NT model. Walnut and other exotic woods get a clear satin finish.

Let us know which color you desire and we will work it out together.


• Solid 6061 T6 Aluminum neck through bridge.

Body material: Poplar for solid/opaque Colors - options

   Walnut for clear finishes - options

Scale Length: 34"

Neck thickness/profile: 0.750" all the way / Thin C shape

Fretboard radius: 12"

Nut Width: 1 9/16" = 40mm

Nut material: 6061 T6 Aluminum

Position markers: block inlays black

Side dots: 2mm black - options

Frets: 21 Jescar Stainless Steel medium/jambo

Bridge: Gotoh with steel saddles. Strings through Aluminum block.

Tuners: Gotoh

Neck Pickup: Dimarzio DP122 - Split P style - options

Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan SMB-4D- MusicMan Style - options

Vol/Tone pots: CTS

Output jack: Switchcraft

Finish: Satin solid/opaque colors on Poplar.

   Satin clear on Walnut and exotic woods.

Weight: Approx 10lb = 4.5kg (Poplar body)

• Includes high quality soft case