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Alef Guitars was established in 2010 by Amitai Asher. 
Initially, we focused on building custom, one of a kind wooden instruments 
for guitar and bass players.

In 2017, after decades of appreciation of the Aluminum necked guitars and their users, we started an aluminum bolt on replacement necks production. 

Since then, we sold hundreds of necks all around the globe and developed a special relationship with our nonconservative customers. 


alef guitars

Our vision is to create aluminum based instruments of the highest quality while keeping pricing accessible. We build instruments for the working musicians and we believe that the instruments should be used and abused. 


As a professional touring guitar player in the past and a working sound engineer with a degree from the Institute of Audio Research in NYC, Amitai fully understands the various aspects of creating the perfect instrument for the hard working musician. 


We love music and its healing power.

Drop us a line, share your thoughts and music.

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